Phishing attacks do not go unnoticed by companies. Research shows that 83% of organizations have experienced at least 1 successful phishing or malicious cyberattack in the past year. Stating that cyber attacks increased by 46% in 2021 compared to the previous year, Komtera Technology Sales Director Gürsel Tursun draws attention to the fact that phishing attacks are also made by employees other than hackers.

According to a Proofpoint study conducted with 600 IT and security experts, hackers continued to attack corporate end users for a year. Despite organizations’ growing awareness and prevention efforts against cyberattacks, the fight against phishing threats is lagging behind. According to research results, 83% of organizations suffered at least one successful email-based phishing attack in 2021. Underlining that compared to 2020, more opportunistic and targeted phishing attacks, as well as phishing attacks involving ransomware and business email breaches (BEC), have increased by 46%, Komtera Technology Sales Director Gürsel Tursun said that draws attention to his attacks.

Companies Suffer from Cyber ​​Attacks Due to Employee Errors!

According to responses from IT and security experts, 83% of organizations have experienced a successful email-based phishing attack in which a user is tricked into risky actions such as clicking on a bad link, downloading malware, forwarding credentials, and executing a bank transfer. According to Gürsel Tursun, who draws attention to the cyber attacks that continue to grow day by day with an astonishing 46% increase compared to 2020, the biggest reason for the cyber attacks encountered is that the users are not informed about malicious cyber attacks and that they click on the links in their e-mails. It’s because they make themselves obvious targets. Noting that working from home, which has increased with the pandemic process, and the hybrid model method applied, make the work of IT and security teams more difficult, Tursun states that employees use their computers for personal work outside of working hours, and this significantly reduces the rate of protection against cyber attacks.

Employees Should Be Aware and Supported on Cyber ​​Security

Mentioning that employees are not the only culprits in cyber attacks that organizations are exposed to, Komtera Technology Sales Director Gürsel Tursun said that most of the employees in more than 8 out of 10 organizations work part-time outside the home and only 37% of these organizations have employees on best practices for working safely from home. He points out that he was educated. Research results also report a marked increase in the abuse of Microsoft and Google infrastructures used to host and send threats across Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Google Workspace and Firebase storage in the first half of 2021. According to Gürsel Tursun, Komtera Technology Sales Director, who stated that IT and security specialists have a lot more work to do after this point, they generally have a more positive view of employees’ commitment to cyber security than organizations, but the lack of awareness-raising cyber security training has caused cybercriminals to achieve successful results in their work. It helps. In such a case, Tursun, who focuses on employee training apart from the defense solutions to be taken against hackers who organize the cyber attack, states that organizations should give importance to trainings primarily in order to raise the awareness of cyber security in employees.