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While the classical anti-virus approach was sufficient before, as the attack types and virus types became widespread, anti-virus programs also developed themselves and went further, they have already revealed protection methods even for unwritten viruses. Machine learning and heuristic analysis are a few of them.

The concept of Endpoint emerges as different types of malware emerge and the needs increase.

For example, in addition to your anti-virus software, encrypting your encryption data and sharing it with only the people you allow from your environment in an encrypted way,

To prevent data leakage such as DLP, to prevent applications on client computers from running, to prevent access to unwanted websites and website categories, to prevent external media (such as cd, dvd, usb) from working, etc. It aims to ensure the security of users in many areas such as users and to enable users to use their computers effectively.

Endpoint-installed computers continue to be protected and receive security policies even if they are out of the office. With central management, endpoints can be created and distributed per computer and user security rules in a short time, and problematic users and computers can be detected by taking comprehensive reports in a very short time.

Another advantage of endpoints is that they work in sync with UTM devices, stopping problematic clients (such as computers with no antivirus service or viruses) from exiting to other computers or the Internet.

Trellix Endpoint Security


Sophos Endpoint Security


F-Secure Endpoint


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