How Does FUDO Work?

The FUDO administrator defines which privileged accounts can access resources, under what conditions, for how long, and how. Privileged account information is stored in secure and private password vaults.

Privileged accounts request access to the resources defined for them by logging in via FUDO to gain access to resources. This login process is made even more secure with multi-factor authentication systems. After this request, if desired, the FUDO manager’s approval mechanism can be run if it is policy. After accessing the resources based on the written rule, the passwords used are automatically changed frequently.

The PAM administrator can monitor user activities through the PAM portal and even manage live sessions in real time as needed. Modern PAMs also use machine learning to identify anomalies and risk scoring to alert the PAM Manager to actual risky operations.

Access Time Setting: Make your users access the resources you specify at the times you specify.

4 Eyes Access Control: Ensure that users pass your approval mechanism while accessing your critical assets with both mobile application and web interface.

Unique Session Monitoring: Join, pause, end remote connection or share user session. In addition, by defining regular expressions, create and follow the policy.

Password Management: Automatically detect password change and change the password kept in the secure vault. Again, the management of the visibility of this password by the desired user.

OCR: Reading data in graphical media such as video by scanning/search.

Productivity Analysis: Obtaining the productivity graph of remote users, consultants and system administrators.

Multiple Authentication: Multiple authentication (MFA/2FA) and authentication with SSO.

Behavior Analysis: Account control according to the user’s mouse, keyboard and PC usage habits by performing behavior-based analysis with artificial intelligence (AI).

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