Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Today, the vulnerabilities of web applications are increasing day by day.
Radware’s Web application firewall (WAF) enables fast and secure servicing of corporate networks and mission-critical web applications.

Radware WAF solutions recommended by NSS Labs provide full protection against web application attacks behind CDNs, API manipulations, brute force attacks on login pages and advanced http attacks (Slowloris, dynamic floods).

Radware is an ICSA Labs certified and PCI compliant WAF solution.


Radware is the leader in the world with its Cyber ​​security and load balancer solutions. Radware solutions enable over 10,000 customers worldwide to quickly adapt to market challenges and achieve maximum productivity while reducing costs.
Radware’s solutions include on-prem or cloud Ddos protection, Load-balancers (ADC), SSL Inspection, Offloading and Acceleration, Web application firewalls (WAF), and cloud WAF.


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