Insider Threat Hazard

Your authorized users – employees, vendors and partners – represent the biggest threat to your organization’s IT security. While most organizations today are aware of external threats to their data, IT infrastructures and intellectual property, many organizations still pay little attention to insider threats. Harmful effects from the actions of malicious, irresponsible and careless users are more common, more damaging and much harder to detect! Therefore, while organizations invest heavily in protecting their networks and data from external attacks, they ignore the larger threats from the activities of those within the organization.

Why Use ObserveIT?

Secure Fit

Detailed reports are generated and sent automatically, tracking each access to your corporate servers and databases.

Remote Vendor Monitoring

Know exactly what your third-party vendors are doing on your servers.

Instant Troubleshooting

Discover the root cause of system configuration changes using deep search and video session playback.

Teramind Session Recording

Key Features

Key Features

Complete Coverage – Supports all console and remote access methods with support for Citrix, Terminal Services, Remote Desktop, PC-Anywhere, VDI, VMware, VNC, NetOP, Dameware and more.

ObserveIT is protocol and client implementation agnostic.

Video Replay – See exactly what users are doing on your servers with video playback from every console and remote session.

Policy-Based, Event-Driven Logging – Flexible rules engine allows for inclusion or exclusion logging policies based on users and user groups, applications, file and file types, or specific keystroke events.

Extensive Search – Find exactly the session you need based on free text search and metadata fields, including server name, username, applications used, files accessed, and more.

Report Generator – Generate detailed reports (e.g. “Show all sessions that accessed records or financial statements on all servers in the last 10 days.”) Customize report filters, group and sort, export to XML/Excel, and schedule automatic report publishing

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