Trellix VM Security

Trellix® Virtual Network Security Platform is a complete network threat and intrusion prevention system (IPS) solution built to meet the unique demands of private and public cloud environments. It enables organizations to restore compliance and confidently adopt cloud security by accurately and simply discovering and blocking sophisticated threats in cloud architectures. Advanced technologies include support for unsigned detection, in-line emulation, signature-based vulnerability patching, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and network virtualization. With streamlined workflows, multiple integration options, and simplified licensing models, organizations can easily manage and scale their security.

Securing Virtualized Environments – Businesses are rapidly adopting virtualized IT infrastructures, such as private and public clouds, where physical servers can host multiple virtual machines (VMs) or even entire virtualized workloads simultaneously.

The resulting inter-VM communication, along with the instantaneous transfer, replication, and backup of these workloads, converged to significantly increase traffic in the private and public cloud as well as SDDCs (Software Defined Data Centers). In addition to the chaos experienced, the flexibility provided by network virtualization makes these increasing traffic flows dynamic and unpredictable. To keep up, virtualized security solutions must be flexible and scalable, and more importantly, they must work seamlessly with software-defined networking (SDN) platforms that orchestrate often ephemeral VMs and workloads.


Trellix is ​​one of the world’s leading independent cybersecurity companies. Trellix draws inspiration from the power of working together and develops corporate and individual solutions that make the world a safer place.
Integrated and Easy-to-Manage Solutions

With the most comprehensive security portfolio in the industry, Trellix provides proactive and integrated protection for networks, systems and data. It also offers a web service powered by 24/7 threat research from Trellix Labs and real-time data from Trellix® Global Threat Intelligence to predict and defend against new malware. Our portfolio, which provides single console and centralized management with Trellix ePolicy Orchestrator® software, optimizes security investments by increasing operational efficiency and protection.


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